Underrated Used Cars – The Infiniti G Series

When anyone asks the now ubiquitous question about which sports sedan or coupe they should buy in the used car market under $25K, the answers start to sound pretty similar. Toss in a typical enthusiast requirement of must-be-manual and rear-wheel-drive and you could probably write out a quick list of the usual… » 8/11/15 6:01am 8/11/15 6:01am

My $20,000 Challenge

All, as my first post I figured I would outline what I hope will document a great experience - the search for a fun 3rd car under $20,000. I know #Jalopnik (@Orlove) has covered this (The Most Car You Can Buy For $20,000) and I naturally took that into consideration while building my criteria. So what is my… » 3/21/13 1:38pm 3/21/13 1:38pm