No. Especially if you can't afford to replace it. Tracking a car can be very expensive. I'm not talking about tires, brake pads, etc (which can actually be pretty pricey too) but stuffing it into a tire wall at an event that your insurance company would not consider "driver improvement" (so, anything timed) could mean… » 12/15/14 12:07pm Monday 12:07pm

Good stuff. I've owned a lot of Mustangs. Things really improved for 2010. Basically they built the new car off of the guts of the Bullit Mustang. Good stuff. So I bought one. Oh and then they improved a lot more in 2011. 5.0 engine, 6spd, etc. Damn. So I bought one of those. » 12/05/14 11:48am 12/05/14 11:48am