2015 Mustang GT Review (w/Short Film)

I am not a jaded automotive journalist. At least not yet. We don’t test supercars at RFD, we drive attainable–ideally interesting–cars that you might drive one day. Then, we you tell you what we think about them and if you should spend your hard earned money to purchase something similar. September marked Mustang… »10/23/15 8:28pm10/23/15 8:28pm


Underrated Used Cars – The Infiniti G Series

When anyone asks the now ubiquitous question about which sports sedan or coupe they should buy in the used car market under $25K, the answers start to sound pretty similar. Toss in a typical enthusiast requirement of must-be-manual and rear-wheel-drive and you could probably write out a quick list of the usual… »8/11/15 6:01am8/11/15 6:01am

My $20,000 Challenge

All, as my first post I figured I would outline what I hope will document a great experience - the search for a fun 3rd car under $20,000. I know #Jalopnik (@Orlove) has covered this (The Most Car You Can Buy For $20,000) and I naturally took that into consideration while building my criteria. So what is my… »3/21/13 1:38pm3/21/13 1:38pm